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Oxident - paste based on calcium hydroxide. Material for treating and filling root canals.

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Oxident - paste based on calcium hydroxide. 

Filling tooth root canals by treatment of pulpitis or apical periodontitis.
Used in combination with gutta-percha (one-pin method and all kinds of technology-condensation) or silver pins.

«Oxident» is two-component (paste-paste) radiopaque material based on calcium oxide and salicylates. Calcium oxide combines a unique set of properties required for a successful
endodontic filling:
• connects the residual moisture on the walls of the root canal and carbon dioxide to form hydroxide and calcium carbonate, sealing microtubules;
• allows for the sterility of root canals and reduces their exposure, providing an alkaline environment (pH 12.8);
• stimulates reparative regeneration juxtahilar tissues, stimulates the growth of hard tissue at the top of the tooth endodontically healed, and the growth of hard tissues in the zone of perforations.

When mixing equal amounts (by volume and weight) of paste basic and catalytic plastic mass for filling canals is obtained.

Working time on a plate for mixing is from 8 to 18 hours at temperature 21-23°C and 50% humidity. Working time and curing time of the material may prolong at more low temperature and humidity. In the canal of the tooth, material hardens within 2 hours (at 37°C and 100% humidity), because humidity accelerates interaction of oxide and calcium hydroxide with salicylates, which demonstrate antiseptic properties. The paste possesses perfect fluidity and plasticity, easily applies into canal with canal-filler or gutta-percha pin.

After curing the material possesses low solubility in liquids of living tissues and doesn’t color tooth tissues.

The material is compatible with etching technique and any etching material, composite or amalgama.

Packaging: Basic paste 12 g + Catalytic paste 12 g.

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