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Apex Locator Woodpex V, Woodpecker

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Woodpex V - the fifth Generation Apex Locator.

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Woodpecker, the ultrasonic scaler manufacturer, owns a maximal production and consumption of ultrasonic scaler in the world. The export volume of LED curing light is also in the leading position. In the past 26 years, Woodpecker concentrated on integrating development, production, sales, and service of dental medical instruments into a whole. more


Woodpecker V Woodpex Apex Locator

Woodpex V is more precise, advanced and can connect with some Woodpecker endodontic motors for their combined function.

The use of the manual method for locating the apex, based on the sensation of the hands and the patient's pain, makes the process of identifying the apex a subjective method with very low precision. In addition, the errors caused by radiographs is quite high, since taking a 2D 3D image from different angles easily causes incorrect data. Most of the apical foramen are found on the lateral border causing length errors.

Characteristics of the Woodpex V:

  • With modern, elegant design, with a large screen and firm metal base.
  • The new update algorithm makes it more stable and allows greater anti-interference ability.
  • Its radiofrequency technology allows you to accurately measure when there is residual blood or pulp in the root canal.
  • Accuracy capacity of 97.71%.
  • The measurement result will not be affected by the type of tooth: incisors, canines, bicuspids and premolars.
  • Its LCD screen bright, clear and tiltable, allows easy tracking of the file in various colors and acoustic signals give you greater security.
  • Automatic calibration system that ensures more accurate measurements.
  • Autoclavable accessories.

Weight: 336 gr.
Dimensions: 84 mm x 88 mm x 112 mm.


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